Facility ①

Seicho : North side

Seicho government offices where politics and prominent ceremonies used to be held were constructed based on 2 different styles; the ones of the early phase and the later phase of the era. The north side of the offices is in the style of 8th to 9th century where the emperor of the time had yet to conquer the entire Tohoku region. Centered around the Seiden main hall,the shingle roofed Wakiden side hall, the north gate and a guard station are surrounded by board fences.

Detour spot

Heian Trick Art Hall

Trick art is a unique art that depicts a three-dimensional drawing of a flat painting and uses optical illusion. Let's take a picture in front of the panels with the theme of the Heian period!

"Oxcart Ride"

Let's experience courtly oxcart ride and take pictures!

※When the weather is sunny.