Facility ②

Seicho : South side

Vermillion building on the south side is a reproduction of the style of the Ritsuryo period (12th century). Centering around the Seiden, other buildings are arranged symmetrically under the influence of the Tang culture. The vermillion lacquer and thick round pillars are the symbols of nobility. The Hiwadabuki Irimoya-zukuri styled Seiden is connected to the Wakiden by a corridor, and Tsuijibei fences and Agetsuchibei fences surround the raised floor storehouse.

Seicho Minamimon : South gate

The South gate, the main gate of the government offices is constructed following the typical architecture of the Chinese Tang dynasty. Tile-roofed with Japanese gargoyles on top and equipped with 4 thick round pillars both in front and behind, this south gate otherwise called as the Hakkyakumon -gate with 8 legs- shows a high standard architecture style.

Oji, Popular filming location

Behind the south gate of Seicho government office, a large Oji thoroughfare is spreading in front of you. This location of which the atmosphere changes with the camera angles or props is often used for shooting films and TV dramas.

Magnificent view of cherry blossom from Mikaeri-zaka Trail