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Kiyohira Residence

Kiyohira Residence a.k.a. the Toyota Hall is constructed on the basis of the one that Kiyohira ordered to rebuild in Esashi after the Old Toyota Hall had been burned because of the Gosannen War. This architecture is in early Shindenzukuri style of which the unique features appear in its formation where centered Shinden and twin buildings in east, north and west are connected to each other, its Shinden on stilts, and its use of round pillars and upswept thick shingle-roofs. Kiyohira allegedly lived in this house until he made his way into Hiraizumi.

Storyteller of Esashi (in Japanese only)

Let's learn about Fujiwara Tsunekiyo and the prehistory of Hiraizumi!

The very first time that Esashi appeared in the historical records is 1200 years ago where Emishi conquest by Sakanoue-no-Tamuramaro including the battle with the prominent chief of Emishi was happening. Later, another Tohoku based Gozoku-powerful family Abe clan made their presence. Tsunekiyo, the father of Kiyohira and the first Shogun General of Northern Fujiwara clan settled in Esashi and participated in the Zenkunen War as a warrior. Our storytellers explain pre-Hiraizumi history in plain language and also the cultural features of Esashi which developed Kiyohira's ambition.

Date/Saturdays, Sundays, Japanese national holidays
Starting Time/10:30AM/1:30PM
Period/Late April to Early November

Every storyteller of us (Homura Guide Club) has acquired comprehensive knowledge of the history and the culture of Esashi and Hiraizumi. Please come and grab the history of Heian period before starting your tour in order to enjoy the park with more fun.