Facility ⑤

Stockade area

The stockades in style specific to Tohoku are reproduced by references such as to the excavation of the site of Shiwajo castle. Standing at the forefront of the castle, stockade area consists of wood stockade, Roumon-tower gate, Yaguramon-turret gate, observation platform and guard station. The view of green forests and water lilies in the pond from this place makes a contrast picturesquely in the summer. Cherry blossoms, azaleas, Quincebai and water iris bloom in this zone which is highly recommended by our park guides.

Detour spot

Cherry blossom trees

The best time to see cherry blossoms is mid-April.

Wisteria Tunnel

The wisteria tunnel, which has a total length of 120 meters, is at its best until mid-May.
Light-up events are also held during the best viewing times (Around mid-May) (Scheduled) *May vary depending on flowering conditions.

Arahabaki shrine

Arahabaki shrine lingering in the shadow of Kuriyagawa stockade is reproduced by reference to Oyu stone circles of Kazuno city Akita, which used to be one of the hallow grounds for the ancient folk religious belief that was popular in Tohoku at the time. In NHK Taiga drama "Homura Tatsu", Arahabaki shrine appears and is used as a tool for invocation of a deity.