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Kyara no Gosho mansion

Kyara no Gosho mansion is constructed in the image of the residence of Fujiwara no Hidehira, the third Lord of Northern Fujiwara clan who created the golden age of Hiraizumi culture. Based on Shindenzukuri style typical to Heian period, centered around the Shinden, the master room is connected to twin buildings in the east, north and west with corridors, furthermore, connected to other buildings such as retainer station, archives keeper station, kitchen and the entrance hall “Chumon”, etc. Tsuridono, a hall located in the end of the corridor from the Nishinotai twin buildings was used for aristocratic recreations.
The landscape consists of a pond with a small island and an artificial hill surrounded by various kinds of trees by reference to the old garden-making book “Sakuteiki”. The landscape was given the highest value during the Heian period. This building is one and the only reproduction of Shindenzukuri style in Japan.

Let's feed carps in the pond from Tsuridono and imagine yourself as an Heian aristocrat!

Yarimizu: water passage where water runs from outside under corridors into the garden


Aristocrats in the Heian period used to have a house to store the canopies of oxcart which they used for their transportation.

Experience the culture of Heian aristocrats!

Kyara no Gosho zone offers various kinds of experience; Getting dressed in Kimono of the time, Clam painting, Playing the Sugoroku-Japanese traditional board game and pitch-pot.

For a fee, visitors can try on formal junihitoe (12-layered kimono), sokutai (ceremonial kimono), jokan (court lady), and tsubosozoku (pot costume).


Standing majestically behind the garden…

Muryoko-in is a temple allegedly modeled on Uji Byodo-in temple by Hidehira's order and its scale is considered beyond the Byodo-in according to the excavation. The sunset view of original Muryoko-in with Kinkeizan mountain on the west must have been divine as if it were a Western Paradise. This Muryoko-in temple has a mountain behind and is scaled at a quarter of the original to reproduce a similar view.

The best time to view colored leaves of maples here is from mid-October to early November.
Autumn foliage illuminations will also be held on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays during the same period (planned).