Facility ⑨

Film production archive museum

The film production archive museum is the final spot of the park where you can see how film productions were being made here.Rich information about the major contents filmed within this park such as backstage episodes, location spots, on-the-set photos, script books, props, handprints and autographs of the casts are displayed in NHK Taiga drama zone and TV(non-NHK)/Movie/Commercial zone. A variety of materials and information including props and script books that the actual actors/actresses used, backstage episodes and the latest works are available to discover. Must-see spot for drama and movie fans!

NHK Taiga drama zone

Valuable materials such as script books to unique props of Taiga dramas filmed in this park including the ones of "Homura Tatsu" of 1993, which motivated to open this park to the latest series are displayed in this zone.

TV(non-NHK)/ Movie/ Commercial zone

Various filming archives of historical TV dramas, commercials and movies including smash hit "Onmyoji", all of which were filmed in this park are on display in this zone. Let's begin the quest and discover the locations filmed in the memorable scenes!

Autograph zone

Let's find autographs of Japanese stars!

Casting handprint zone

Handprints of actors/actresses who appeared in Taiga dramas are on display.
Put your hand on the print and make a memorable experience!

Video theater zone

The behind-the-scenes videos of the Taiga drama filming are screened in the video theater. Don't miss the backstage scenes that can be viewed only here including distinctive inventions by the staff, real faces of the casts and the locals participating as extra!