Tsunekiyo Residence

Everyone, welcome to my Tsunekiyo Residence.
The slope must have been tough.
You must be tired.
This house was built when I moved to Esashi from Watari, Miyagi Prefecture.
Now it has become completely dignified.
The roof is thatched, which is said to be cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
In reality, there was a hearth inside and it was smoked, so it was a good material because it didn't attract insects.
The front room is called the sleeping hall, where I, my wife, and our children live.
The one standing on the left is me, wearing armor on top of these clothes as I go to the battlefield.
My wife Yu, who is standing on the right, looks worried
Wars are common, the building is surrounded by earthworks and wooden fences, and there is a turret gate at the entrance, so don't worry.
However, this battle is likely to be long.
The imperial army is after the money and horses of Mutsu province in Tohoku region
I must protect Mutsu Province for the sake of my wife's father, Abe Yoritoki, the head of the Abe clan.
If something were to happen to me, please take care of my wife and young son Kiyohira.
Well, I heard that Kiyohira built a mansion more magnificent than mine after he grew up.
He is my proud son.
It's said to be up the road on the left, so please take a look.
Be careful on the way.