Kiyohira Residence

Nice to meet you all.
This is me, Kiyohira Residence.
Many things have happened to build this building to this point.
This is because my father, Tsunekiyo, passed away during the war in the previous nine years, and my mother and I, who were seven years old, were given away as spoils to the enemy, and we had a difficult life.
However, my mother told me about my father's thoughts and the thoughts of the Abe clan, and I thought that since I had both blood in my veins, I had to survive and later become the ruler of Mutsu Province.
After that, I survived the battle of the third year and set up a mansion at Toyotakan in Esashi, in memory of his father, Tsunekiyo.
The first difference from my father's mansion is the roof.
I had them make a shelf by stacking approximately 500,000 12mm cedar boards.
We also connected the four rooms with a corridor, making life much easier.
Also, to raise the class, my room, the sleeping hall, was built one step higher than the other rooms.
At this mansion, I was thinking about my next move to Hiraizumi.
My dream was to build a Hiraizumi golden culture, thinking about memorial services for the dead of the long war and improving culture through Buddhism.
Please also take a look at Konjikido, a representative work of golden culture that I will build after this.
It's located at the end of the Homurazaka after exiting the back gate.
Kyara no Gosho mansion, built by my grandson, Hidehira, is also worth seeing.
He built something absolutely amazing..
Please continue to enjoy our Oshu Fujiwara culture.