Konjikido Golden Hall

Thank you everyone for your hard work.
This is Konjikido Golden Hall built in Hiraizumi by my husband, Kiyohira, the first generation of the Oshu Fujiwara clan.
It is built in the form of a square with three rooms and four sides, and the roof is made of wood and reed tiles, which are made to look like tiles.
The rafters are also double-layered, and the beautiful curvature seems to have given tension to the roof's gentle slope.
In addition, all the wood was coated with lacquer and gold leaf was applied on top of it, giving it a golden color, and at the time, only Prince Kiyohira could make something like this. Kiyohira built it to mourn the many souls who died in the war, and also to incorporate the same Buddhist culture as the capital, hoping that there would be no war and people could live in peace.
This Golden Hall is built in the same cedar grove as it was when it was first built, and it is very nostalgic, as if you have returned to 900 years ago.
It was completed in 1124 when Prince Kiyohira was 69 years old, and he passed away four years later.He still rests in the Golden Hall in Hiraizumi. Please join hands and worship.