Kyara no Gosho mansion

What do you think about our mansion, Kyara no Gosho?
Did you feel like you were in Kyoto?
However, during the time of my third generation, Hidehira, there really was a mansion like this in Hiraizumi.
In order to create a sense of unity with nature, it is called the Shinden-zukuri style, which is an open structure with no partitions.
It's nice and easy to use that all the rooms are connected by corridors.
The room in the center is called the sleeping hall and is my room.
It has the highest floor and is widest, so it was often used as a banquet seat.
The surrounding rooms are given to the family, and the servants' quarters and cooking area are set up in the back.
Also, check out the garden.
Originally, there was a garden that was much larger and could be used for playing Kemari, and the pond was big enough for a boat to pass under the curved bridge in the center, so we often gathered together for boating and other activities.
We also enjoyed Gagaku music and moon viewing parties in the separate room, Tsuriden.
Across the pond is a temple called Muryokoin.
I admired the Phoenix Hall of Byodoin Temple in Uji, Kyoto, and had it built to imitate it.
It was built 400m away, so this time it was made one-quarter the size to give a sense of distance.
Since you can't get up close, please take a look at it from my room, the sleeping hall.
It looks the most beautiful.
I believe that it is thanks to my ancestors that I, the third generation Hidehira, was able to bring the Oshu Fujiwara clan, which has continued for generations, to this point.
Please think back to the Oshu Fujiwara clan, whose prosperity surpassed that of the capital.