This is the government office, a place where politics are conducted, and it is reproduced in two styles.
The north gate side of the government building that you entered is older and was built around the 8th or 9th century, and after about 300 years it changed to the bright vermilion color you see here.
Influenced by the Chinese ``Tang Dynasty'', the building is symmetrical, and the front room is called the Seiden, where meetings are held.
The buildings on the left and right were called Waki-den, which were rooms where officials like us handled administrative work, and in today's era, it was a practical place like a city hall or a tax office.
The documents used there are stored in a warehouse, which is built on a raised floor to prevent damage from water, moisture, and animals.
The roof is made from cypress bark and is said to have a beautiful graceful curve.
Come on, please come inside.
You can enter from the room on the right and go around the corridor.
Afterwards, please proceed to the next building through the south gate of the government building, which has a tiled roof and is only accessible to people of high social standing.
Please enjoy the glory of the Oshu Fujiwara clan.